In the face of Russia’s barbaric aggression against independent Ukraine, we stand together against the dictates of evil, death and human tragedy striking the Ukrainian people. Civil society must do everything to support the people of Ukraine in every possible field. Let us not waste time. Help is needed now!



We focus on implementing targeted support to specific institutions managed by people who will provide well-organized assistance at targeted delivery points. Below we present examples of correspondence flowing to the Foundation. The situation and needs change very dynamically but the most important thing is to deliver the most frequently mentioned items.



We are collecting donations which will be used for organizing transports, the most important products, supporting those fleeing war in the country and in places covered by military operations. The existing website will be constantly updated with new information and reports of actions taken so that volunteers and foundation partners can efficiently coordinate their activities. Please refer to the detailed lists of material needs, which are particularly important at this time.


With a note: Aid Ukraine

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Our friends from various districts of Ukraine, Catholic Parishes are making specific requests for material and in-kind assistance.

Every day we receive new lists containing detailed descriptions of the most urgently needed items such as medical kits including standard and tactical first aid kits, surgical sets, backpacks, sleeping bags, pillows, mats, flashlights, water purifiers, powerbanks, walkie-talkies, basic hygiene products (shampoo, toothpaste, brushes, soap).

If you have access to larger quantities of these products, or have information on where they can be purchased, please contact us. We organize shipments directly to the needy in cooperation with the Ukrainian side.


    Contact us! +48914040836

    Do you have information about those in need, arrange transports, want to share needed equipment or help out where you live? Call us!

    Due to limited human resources and the enormity of the work, we ask mainly that you contact us using the form - leaving a number and describing the case. We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!